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GlobalBrand Institute is a Polish consulting company that offers building professional and multi-level marketing communication for businesses and their products. We ensure a unique approach on the Polish market integrating all marketing operations in the areas of branding, public relations, advertising, the Internet, promotions, events and marketing research.

We approach our clients with end-to-end consultancy services in respective areas of their companies’ marketing activities. Our services are aimed at boosting brand recognition and sales.

Global Brand Institute consultants are people with proven track record in marketing departments of international concerns, advertising and public relations agencies, designers, consumer psychology, advertising and copywriting specialists. Therefore, we can ensure the most creative and innovative solutions for every client. All supported by our experience and expertise and with due consideration to strategic objectives of the entire organisation and integration of marketing activities of the company.

Our consultants have vast experience in servicing Polish and international businesses from the following sectors: FMCG, Finance, Industry, Construction, Installation, Pharmaceutical, Food and Electronics.

Our services are addressed both to companies with an established position on the market which look for new opportunities of influencing the consumer, companies that would like to compete with the biggest, and businesses which are planning new undertakings and launching new products.

Rethink your attitudes. Go beyond your horizons. We are looking forward to working with you!


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